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In the Pursuit of Music | “The Festival Fanatic” 0

Posted: October 28th, 2010 | Author: | Filed under: Blog, Columns

The only time Iíve been south of the Mason-Dixon Line was to go to Austin City Limits in 2007 and, quite frankly, I barely count the liberal oasis of Austin, Texas as the South. In fact, I had never heard a real Southern accent until I went to Nateva this summer and met James. And, let me tell you, James is from the South. Hailing from Shreveport, Louisiana, he was the last person I expected to meet in rural Maine. But there he was, sitting at our friend Kelsiís campsite on Saturday morning, and when we started to chat, his Southern accent is what admittedly drew me in, but his story is what kept me listening. (more…)

Concert Review | of Montreal 0

Posted: October 22nd, 2010 | Author: | Filed under: Blog, Reviews

Over the years, of Montreal has become notorious for its live performances. Kevin Barnes infamously stripped down to nothing but a red sash at a show in Las Vegas in 2007 and rode around on a white horse at the Roseland Ballroom in New York a year later. Given this raunchy reputation, I would say my excitement to see Barnes and his team in action was entirely justified. Add in the fact that theyíve been touring with Janelle Monať, who is prominently featured on their newly released album “False Priest,” and it should come as no surprise that I purchased tickets for their September 16 show at Bostonís House of Blues in the middle of July. Going to a concert with expectations that high can backfire quickly, and although there was no full-frontal nudity and a noticeable dearth of live animals onstage, the nearly two-hour long show did not disappoint, from the music itself to the on-stage theatricality and constant barrage of colorful, stimulating visuals.

(Photo courtesy of your_favorite_martian) (more…)

In the Pursuit of Music | “Battling the Pink Robots in Rural Maine” 0

Posted: October 21st, 2010 | Author: | Filed under: Blog, Columns

This past Fourth of July weekend, I popped my music festival cherry. This has been a lifelong ambition of mine, due in large part to my desire to be Janis Joplin and roll around in the mud at Woodstock. Unfortunately, I never really had the resources or the wherewithal to organize and get myself to a music festival until this summer. (Itís ironic that wanting to be a hippie requires so much planning.) My friend Sam and I chose to go to the first-ever Nateva Music Festival in Oxford, Maine primarily because of its pretty amazing line-up: Furthur, Passion Pit, the Flaming Lips, George Clinton, She & Him, and Grizzly Bear, among many others.

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