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Posted: September 9th, 2010 | Author: | Filed under: Beta Testing

I had literally 15 minutes to look, so here’s what I got
– the logo isn’t clickable. Usually logos are a passageway back to the homepage.
– what’s going on the Audio page? given that it’s a radio station, and you can “listen now” in the listen now area, i don’t know what else will be offered under audio, but that was the first button I clicked cuz I wanted to know.
– the DJ portal idea rocks. can’t wait to see that
– the archive and playlist is totally awesome. I’m so impressed with that. Not impressed with my typing tho. 🙂
go team go! thanks for all the work!

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Posted: August 19th, 2010 | Author: | Filed under: Beta Testing

Looks good, guys and girl!  It’s so much simpler and more streamlined than the old site that I felt weird about it for a while.  Then I realized that everything I needed was pretty much there.  So, I guess it’s just taking me a little while to get out of the “ridiculous website” mentality.

A few things I noticed when poking around this morning:

1.) If you go to the schedule, and click on a show, all of their old archives appear to be available for downloading.  Deception!  If you click anything older than two weeks, you are denied by the resulting page.  Maybe we could just have those links not be there at all?

2.) On the “about” page the sentence, “The coverage map below shows our broadcast range on our FM frequency” appears.  More deception!  It’s not there.  Chump change.

3.) I love the pop-out player for the stream, but is there any way to get an iTunes stream for people that prefer that?  Or did I just miss it?

4.) On the old schedule, there was a coloring system to indicate where we were in the week.  I guess it was kind of dumb, because you should just look at the time and find it on the schedule, but the visual made it nice and simple.  Could we have a system like that?  Maybe just highlight the current show.  Or do an iCal-like system where the column of the current day is highlighted, and a horizontal line tracks the current time.

Feel free to respond to my comments and questions.  I’ll be sure to check back.

Great job!!

-Sawyer Bernath
Music Director Emeritus

Welcome Beta Testers! 0

Posted: August 18th, 2010 | Author: | Filed under: Beta Testing, News

Dear WMFO New Website Beta Testers,

Thank you for visiting our new website. Please take some time to explore and play! This website is very much a work in progress, and we want your comments and suggestions before we take it live.

This website, in conjunction with the Wiki and the DJ portal, is part of our new triumvirate of WMFO Internet services. Briefly, an overview of the rational behind our three tiered design:

  • www.wmfo.org (Temporarily http://tuftsfreeformradio.org/) – The Public Website - This website serves as the center of WMFO’s public Internet presence. It is designed primary to provide WMFO web services, streaming, archives, news, and media to our listeners.
  • wiki.wmfo.orgThe Wiki – The purpose of the wiki is to host the bulk of our user generated content, both for public and internal use. The wiki has good public vs internal access controls and will be used for station documentation, DJ training and reference documents, station history, individual show pages, and many other things. There is a lot of material already up at wiki.wmfo.org. Follow the tab to check it out! And be sure to e-mail us and set up your registration to get the full benefit.
  • DJ Portal – The DJ portal is still in the planning and development stages. We hope to make it a one stop shop for DJs while they are in the station. It will provide real time streaming listener info, volunteer logging, chat windows, ticket giveaways, and everything else a DJ needs in front of them while on the air. We are hoping to bring the DJ portal live by the start of the Spring semester.

And now, please consider the following…

Register: To get the full benefit of this website, you’ll need to register. For details on registration for the website and wiki, please check out this wiki page: https://wiki.wmfo.org/Staff_Info. And don’t neglect this note on usernames.

Feedback: There are a number of ways you can send us feedback. In order of preference:

  1. Post it here! Once you register and are approved for this website, you will be able to create a new post from the WordPress control panel. Follow the login link below to reach this panel. Practice posting an article to the site by composing your feedback in a post and submitting it for review. We’ll approve them so everyone else can read , comment, and expand on your thoughts.
  2. E-mail them to webadmins@wmfo.org. This e-mail address goes to everyone who’s working on our web development team, so we’ll be sure to see your comments. Although this method won’t let other beta testers see what you have to say.

Tracker: We are keeping a running list of  modifications we’re planning on making and/or currently undertaking to the new website here: https://wiki.wmfo.org/Operations/Systems/Public_Website/To_Do. Check to see if your suggestions are already listed there. We’ll update this change log as new suggestions come in and things get fixed.

Timeline: We’re hoping to bring the site live and replace the old wmfo.org by the start of the fall schedule. We’ll be expanding the beta test over the next three weeks untill we are ready for the full public launch. The sooner you get your comments in, the more chance we’ll have to work on them before we go live. Tell us what you think!

Where Credit is Due: A big thanks to all of the individuals who have been involved in the website overhaul this summer. These people put in very good work for very little (actually, no) pay. In particular, thanks to:

  • Marshall Moutenot (WMFO Webmaster and Rising Tufts Sophomore) – Lead Site Design and Programming
  • Alyce Currier (Publicity Director and Rising Tufts Senior) – Lead Graphic Design
  • Ben Yu (WMFO Operation Director and Rising Tufts Senior) – Technical Assistance
  • PJ Gray (WMFO DJ) – Technical Assistance
  • Tom Worster (Spinitron.com) – WMFO/Spinitron Integration and Archive Links (Technically Tom is payed, but he is still a big help.)

We hope you enjoy what you find. And we want to know how we can make it better. So tell us!

Andy Sayler
WMFO General Manager

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