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Pick of the Week: Black and Milds

Posted: November 16th, 2011 | Author: | Filed under: Blog | Tags: ,

Perhaps you are already familiar with the website Daytrotter but if not you are in for a treat.  Daytrotter is the website for a recording studio in Rock Island, Illinois called Horseshack. There, up and coming indie artists stop between gigs to record short and intimate sets.  Those sets are then put up for download on the website.  With its music savvy and supportive listening community the website has been a launchpad for many a new artist.  For the listener, Daytrotter is an amazing resource for discovering new artists and learning a little more about old favorites.  

I’m saying all this because this week I recommend you check out the first track off Cataldo’s newly released Daytrotter Session, “Black and Milds.”  Cataldo is a Seattle based band, a shifting group of musicians rotating around the front-man Eric Anderson.  Anderson’s songs, of the indie acoustic variety, are musically quite simple, but his lyrics are thoughtful and very compelling.  Cataldo is an excellent example of a little known artist, signed to a tiny label, to whom Daytrotter gives a well deserved platform.  I regret to inform you that music on Daytrotter is no longer free.  That being said, no other music source can provide you with the intimate listening experience of a Daytrotter session (often with cool covers and unreleased tracks) so I promise the $2 monthly membership fee is worth it.



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