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Classic Rock Mine – Spotlight on Lucifer’s Friend

Posted: February 9th, 2012 | Author: | Filed under: Blog


At Classic Rock Mine we are dedicated to turning you on to classic rock that you would not otherwise hear. You may be familiar with some of the bands we play, but you won’t hear the same tired singles that myopic, commercial radio stations play to death. Classic Rock Mine goes beyond those familiar bands to bring you classic rock artists that you have never heard before, such as Lucifer’s Friend.

Lucifer’s Friend is a perfect example of a foreign band that had considerable success in their native country, Germany, but failed to make a dent in the US. Lucifer”s Friend traces their musical roots to the group German Bonds, whose first recordings were released in 1965. In 1970, members of German Bonds hooked up with John Lawton, former vocalist for the British band Stonewall, and future vocalist for Uriah Heep. The newly formed group put out two albums in 1970, the first under the name Asterix, was an upbeat, hard rock effort and the second was Lucifer’s Friend’s self-titled debut.

The Lucifer’s Friend sound on this first album is a heavy mixture of keyboard and guitar driven hard rock, early metal, and prog, comparable to Uriah Heep, Deep Purple and Black Sabbath. Lucifer’s Friend’s next three albums were: “Where the Groupies Killed the Blues,” (1972), “I’m Just A Rock & Roll Singer,” (1973) and “Banquet,” (1974). Each varies slightly from the other, but the band never loses their heavy edge. Lawton would leave the band in 1976 and join Uriah Heep the following year, only to return to Lucifer’s Friend in 1981. The band parted ways in 1982, but re-formed for a last gasp in 1994.

Bottom line, if you dig early metal, you will dig Lucifer’s Friend. Start with the first album and then give the second a try. You won’t be disappointed. If you’d like to learn more about Lucifer’s Friend, consult your local library. Or, better yet, just tune into Classic Rock Mine Saturday nights from 9pm-11pm.

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