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Pick of the Week | Stand in My Sunshine

Posted: March 1st, 2012 | Author: | Filed under: Blog | Tags: ,

I like Bad Weather California.  I literally just stumbled upon this band a few minutes ago and dug the album cover so I took a listen and here’s what I think:  The band’s new album Sunkissed has got a summery name and summery cover art and 11 summery tracks.  Before you roll your eyes and tell me you’re tired of California indie bands playing the same cute poppy music about the beach (ahem Best Coast), take a listen to this new album.  Sunkissed is sunshine with an edge.  Stand out “Stand in my Sunshine,” is driven by its beachy rhythm guitar and bass line with occasional brass interludes.  Singer Chris Adolf’s voice, a kind of mellow whine, toes the line between speaking and singing.  This song derives its edge from the way he modulates his vocals from speaking, to singing, to screaming, toning up the whine and the growl for dramatic effect.  Other tracks, like “Shine a Light,” take a more forboding tone, with more growl and less mellow, and an awesome afro-beat.  The album as a whole is unusual and eclectic.  It will make a nice addition to your “I WANT SUMMER” playlist (move over Morning Benders).

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