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Pick of the Week | Every Single Night

Posted: April 24th, 2012 | Author: | Filed under: Blog, Freeform | Tags: ,

Remember Fiona Apple?  You know, that impossibly slight singer from the late 90s, the one with the huge blue eyes and the even huger voice?  Maybe you remember Tidal, her first, awesome album from 1996 and it’s bad-ass single “Sleep to Dream.”  After her 2005 release, Extraordinary Machine, Apple effectively disappeared, dropping out of the general music consciousness and leaving the throaty soulful singing to a new crop of British songstresses.  Fortunately Apple is back with a vengeance this year.  After her much lauded SXSW appearances, Apple has released the first single off her upcoming album The Idler Wheel, set to drop on June 19th.  “Every Single Night” is extremely minimal, keeping the focus on Apple’s remarkable voice and the interior monologue expressed in the lyrics.  For the most part she keeps her voice soft and tremulous, allowing it to shake and even break occasionally before breaking into her full throaty belt in a near yodel at the end of each verse.  Its a strange and thoughtful new track from a strange and thoughtful performer whose presence we’ve been missing, whether we knew it or not.  The track is available on Apple’s Soundcloud.

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