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New & Notable: “Pop Out” by Katie Got Bandz

Posted: March 6th, 2013 | Author: | Filed under: Blog


It’s exam season folks so let’s get straight to the chase.  Today the rapper Katie Got Bandz dropped a new video for “Pop Out” a song off her upcoming release Drillary Clinton.  So its new and clearly it is notable because did you look at that album title???  But for real, I’m excited about this track and it is notable for other reasons.  So far, Katie is best known for rolling with Chief Keef’s crew in the Chicago rap scene.  Recently though, she’s started gaining attention on her own.  There is even an EDM track by Los Angeles producer Carnage, devoted to the rapper’s signature “Katieeee” drop.

If you’ve never listened to Katie Got Bandz prepare to be confused by her weirdly soft and husky voice.  Its not exactly what you expect from a rapper, especially in Chicago’s drill scene.  Everything else about “Pop Out” fits right in to the Chicago canon though, from the rapper’s relentlessly repetitive flow to the confrontational machismo of her verses.  At the same time “Pop Out” does possess a healthy measure of self-aware humor from which Chief Keef could definitely benefit.  And of course there is also pointed humor at the expense of her fellow rappers.  In the second verse she raps, “Fuck that twitter beef bitch, pop out.”  Amen.

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