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Welcome to Donations Drive 2013!

Posted: March 29th, 2013 | Author: | Filed under: Blog
Donations Image

Photo by Rebecca Alpert

As you probably know, WMFO is a non-commercial volunteer run station.  We do a donations drive every year to help us keep the station running with awesome and quirky programming from students and community members.  This year as part of our ongoing effort to update and upgrade, we got tech savvy and created apps for both android and iPhone so you can stream WMFO on the go.  To help us keep improving you can head over to our donations site. Below the jump take a look at this year’s awesome donations rewards.


As a thank you for your contribution we’ll send home a sticker with the new and improved WMFO logo.

“FREEFORM FAN” Donor –  $25

Receive a completely random CD from our incoming CD collection. Experience the freeform excitement of random chance.

“FREEFORM NERD” Donor – $35

As a Freeform Nerd donor you’ll receive a WMFO T-Shirt so you can wear your status proudly.

“VINYL LIBRARY” Donor – $50

As a thank you for your donation we’ll send you (you guessed it!) a record from WMFO’s extensive vinyl collection.

“STUDIO C” Donor –  $75

This year the staff over at Bubbles in the Thinktank is releasing a new record about records for Record Store Day.  Printed on clear vinyl, Eponymously Titled features original songs by fantastic talent including a couple local artists. As a thank you for your donation we’ll send you a copy!

“STUDIO B” Donor – $100

As a Studio B Donor you get all of the great prizes above, plus a little piece of historic WMFO swag.  Signed band posters from our walls, old WMFO magazines, items from the archives with references nobody gets anymore. Savor the nostalgia of pure freeform history.

“STUDIO A” Donor – $250

T-Shirt, Eponymously Titled, CD, and two station artifacts!

“CURTIS HALL” Donor – $500

Become a Curtis Hall Donor and we’ll get you in the station to sit in on one of our amazing shows.  Just give us a list of your favorite DJs and we’ll set it up.


Pledge a dollar-a-day to WMFO and we’ll show our appreciation by taking you out for dinner with the whole Exec-Board.


Not only will we love you forever and build a shrine in your freeform godliness honor, we will also design a WMFO branded item of your choosing.  Fancy a WMFO hoodie? How about a trucker hat?  We’ll put our design team at your service to create something exactly to your liking.



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