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New and Notable: THEESatisfaction, And That’s Your Time

Posted: October 20th, 2013 | Author: | Filed under: Blog | Tags: , ,

Seattle hip-hop duo THEESatisfaction has been slowly rising in popularity over the last few years. The duo made guest appearances on fellow label mates Shabazz Palaces’ album Black Up and have been contributing steadily to a new era of Northwest hip-hop. Recognizable by their spacey off-balance beats and quick, stream-of-consciousness rapping, THEESatisfaction has an incredibly unique sound.

After being signed to Sub Pop and releasing the excellent first LP awE naturalE, Stasia Iron and Catherine Harris-White have been busy touring, and a couple of years later, we finally have some new material to enjoy. And That’s Your Time sees the duo revert to self-releasing in lieu of Sub Pop’s publishing. It’s a completely fine choice, given the quality of this release.

And That’s Your Time sees a transition towards slightly darker, bassier beats, but the duo’s recognizable sound is still fantastic. “Queen Country” and “Moon God” are particular standouts. This is a high-quality release by THEESatisfaction and only makes the wait for a second LP even tougher.

And That’s Your Time is available through Bandcamp.

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