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Rumble Semi-Finals: Thursday and Friday

Posted: April 17th, 2014 | Author: | Filed under: Blog | Tags: , ,

Await Rescue wins 2014 Rock and Roll Rumble Night 5 (video credit: Sooz TV)

The Preliminary rounds of the Rock ‘N ‘ Roll Rumble have (finally) wrapped, and this week the action moves to the Semi-finals. Six bands who won their nights plus 2 wildcards will battle again for the two slots available in the Finals. Thursday and Friday nights, the Rumble continues at TT the Bear’s in Central Square, Cambridge.

What’s quite amazing about this competition is the length of time it’s existed – 35 years this year. That’s a lot of bands! During the Preliminary round, 24 bands played over 6 nights. That, also, is a lot of bands. Boston has an amazing amount of music going on, all the time. Now is a great time to jump onto the Rumble bandwagon and check out some local, live music, happening now in the city.

Semi-Final Night 1 is Thursday, and these are the bands you’ll see:

When Particles Collide: indie pop rock

Western Education: alt synth rock

Petty Morals: synth dance rock

Await Rescue: hardest hard rock

Semi-Final Night 2
is Friday, these are the bands that’ll be rocking:

Feints: glam hard rock

Tigerman WHOAH: old-timey blues rock

Goddamn Draculas: serious hard rock

Barricades: alt pop rock

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