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CD Review | “All Day” by Girl Talk

Posted: November 17th, 2010 | Author: | Filed under: Blog, Freeform, Reviews | Tags: , ,

Girl Talk came out with All Day on Monday, November 15, and the Internet shut down. All of Girl Talks albums are offered online for a free download, but his website is still struggling to keep up with the high demand; as of this morning, there were still difficulties in downloading the newest album, but procuring a copy is worth the wait and the online frustration.

From http://www.illegal-art.net/allday/

(Courtesy of Illegal Art)

‘All Day’ is Girl Talk’s fifth mash-up album, and he takes every opportunity to show off both his technical skill and his knowledge of all genres of music. Girl Talk, real name Gregg Michel Gillis, has truly mastered the art of the mash-up. He brings together seemingly incompatible artists without a second thought: take, for example, Old Dirty Bastard rapping ‘Shimmy, Shimmy Ya’ over the easily recognizable power chords from Radiohead’s ‘Creep’ or Lil Jon yelling at the listener to ‘Get Low’ over the melodic harmonies of Simon and Garfunkel’s ‘Cecelia.’

His transitions are equally flawless. The most memorable one, in my opinion, can be heard on ‘That’s Right.’ He begins with Beyonce’s ‘Single Ladies’ and slowly brings in the beat from M.O.P.’s ‘Ante Up.’ As Lil’ Fame begins to rap, Beyonce throws in a last ‘Now put your hands up,’ and the beat changes to the riff from Miley Cyrus’s ‘Party in the U.S.A.’

This is not an isolated appearance of a sugary Top 40 Hit, either. Lady Gaga makes a few appearances, and Girl Talk samples B.o.B.’s ‘Beautiful Girls,’ Rihanna’s ‘Rude Boy,’ even Willow Smith’s ‘Whip My Hair.’ This makes the album, as a whole, accessible for every audience. Girl Talk, however, has not dumbed down his music choices whatsoever. He still samples everyone from hip-hop artists from the 1990’s like Skee-Lo and De La Soul to well-established rock bands from the 1980’s such as U2 and the Ramones. If anything, there are so many different levels of samples that it is possible to listen and hear a different nuance each time.

This subtly is, by far, the most impressive aspect of ‘All Day.’ The first track ‘Oh No’ samples the smash hit ‘Empire State of Mind’ by Jay-Z and Alicia Keys, but it is so heavily layered with Ludacris’s rapping from ‘Move Bitch’ and the heavy guitar riff from Black Sabbath’s ‘War Pigs’ that it is nearly unrecognizable. That is by no means a criticism; in fact, it makes the album much more fun to listen to. Throughout, Girl Talk throws in little riffs ‘ like the opening guitar solo from Grateful Dead’s ‘Casey Jones’ and short lyrics ‘ like a line from Slick Rick’s ‘Lodi Dodi’ that accent the pieces perfect. But stop listening for a second, and you will undoubtedly miss these clever references.

That is why Girl Talk makes it clear that this album is meant to be listened to as a whole and that truly is the best way to enjoy it. ‘All Day’ is a lesson in music history that will start a dance party, so download and block out an hour and eleven minutes in your schedule right now.

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