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Posted: August 19th, 2010 | Author: | Filed under: Beta Testing

Looks good, guys and girl!  It’s so much simpler and more streamlined than the old site that I felt weird about it for a while.  Then I realized that everything I needed was pretty much there.  So, I guess it’s just taking me a little while to get out of the “ridiculous website” mentality.

A few things I noticed when poking around this morning:

1.) If you go to the schedule, and click on a show, all of their old archives appear to be available for downloading.  Deception!  If you click anything older than two weeks, you are denied by the resulting page.  Maybe we could just have those links not be there at all?

2.) On the “about” page the sentence, “The coverage map below shows our broadcast range on our FM frequency” appears.  More deception!  It’s not there.  Chump change.

3.) I love the pop-out player for the stream, but is there any way to get an iTunes stream for people that prefer that?  Or did I just miss it?

4.) On the old schedule, there was a coloring system to indicate where we were in the week.  I guess it was kind of dumb, because you should just look at the time and find it on the schedule, but the visual made it nice and simple.  Could we have a system like that?  Maybe just highlight the current show.  Or do an iCal-like system where the column of the current day is highlighted, and a horizontal line tracks the current time.

Feel free to respond to my comments and questions.  I’ll be sure to check back.

Great job!!

-Sawyer Bernath
Music Director Emeritus

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