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Oldies But Goodies: Billy Stewart’s “I Do Love You”

Posted: October 18th, 2011 | Author: | Filed under: Blog | Tags: , , , , ,

Along with the excellent up-to-date scoop on interesting modern tracks from Ellen with her “Pick of the Week” series, I’ll throw out a few older tunes once in awhile that I have only just heard of recently.  Though I tend to spin a lot of rock and punk during the off hours, I am finding that soul music is an absolute mood improver for me.  When I listen to some good soul, the easy melodies make me get that slow snap going while the vocalist talents trickle any leftover drama from the day off my back.  Soul music is wonderful stuff if you give it a chance, no matter how young, old, or genre specific you may be.

One such track that I recently heard off of Felix Hernandez’s 3-disc “Rhythm Revue” compilation (excellent, by the way) is Billy Stewart’s “I Do Love You”.  It is something else.  The song begins with a dazzling harmony between a few guys who can hit a shuddering high note.  When the back up singers begin their repetition of “I do love you, ooooh oo-ooh ooooh, yes I do girl” the smooth soul is on.  You get that feeling that you should go find someone to slow dance with (and that includes you, club footers).  Then Stewart spirals in with his scatting vocal approach that is engaging and unpredictable for the rest of the song.  At around three minutes, it is one of the most effectively catchy love songs that doesn’t involve a disco ball or synthesizer.

Honestly, it’s a song that every guy should go out and get acquainted with, for it’s gonna win over somebody something easy.  All ladies should spin it and recall what a good love song sounds like.  You know, one that doesn’t get too chippy with anatomy or intentions.  As my first Oldie But Goodie, this one has been getting a lot of play on this end and I hope you might enjoy it as well.

Have a listen on Youtube when you get a chance:  Billy Stewart’s “I Do Love You” on Youtube

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