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Pick of the Week: 316 Ways

Posted: October 12th, 2011 | Author: | Filed under: Blog | Tags: ,

I was not inspired by the new music selection this week.  Bjork makes my head hurt.  I think Ryan Adams is almost always lackluster.  Joe Jonas….I mean, enough said.  So I was getting pretty desperate until I saw that Californian rapper, Murs released his new album yesterday.  For those of us who are maybe already bored with Watch the Throne (ahem) the album, Love and Rockets is a welcome new arrival.  Murs’ verses are edgy, emotional, often biting, and considerably more intelligent than anything Jay-Z cranks out.  The instrumentation on this particular album is also stunning, thanks to producer Ski Beatz.  As is usual for an intelligent rapper outside the mainstream, the album has gotten zero press.  So here I am telling you to go listen to it pronto.  Well, specifically go listen to “316 Ways” which is my favorite on the album.  The video is also pretty sweet.

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