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Pick of the Week: Who Are You

Posted: October 26th, 2011 | Author: | Filed under: Blog

In the interest of full disclosure I should credit my pick of the week this week to my mother.  I had originally planned on picking a track from  A Very She & Him Christmas as I’ve been anticipating this particular project from Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward for months.  But then I had also thought about highlighting Deer Tick’s raucous new album Divine Providence, especially the rousing “Something to Brag About.”  But before I could make my decision I got this email from my mom: “In the Arts section today, there was a piece about a woman from the New Pornographers who has come out with a new CD.  I was wondering if you had heard it.”  She was, of course, referring to Kathryn Calder, AC Newman’s neice and a newer addition to the New Pornographers’ roster.  I hadn’t been paying much attention to Calder’s solo career, but I was so impressed with my Mother’s cultural savvy I had to investigate.  Out yesterday Bright and Vivid  is Calder’s second album.  Far more interesting than her first, the album is more textured with heavier beats counterbalancing Calder’s inherent cuteness.  The album’s second track, “Who Are You” is reminiscent of the poppy up-beat New Pornographers’ tunes but with Calder’s distinctively ethereal and hazy sound.  So check it out and then tell me this, when was the last time your mother contributed to an indie music blog?

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