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Kings of Leon – Come Around Sundown

Posted: October 11th, 2010 | Author: | Filed under: Blog, Reviews | Tags: , , , , , , ,

As little as two years ago, if someone were to ask you who the Kings of Leon (KOL)†were, you would likely be dumbstruck, soon to be creating Scrubs-esqe daydream of some weird country called Leon with some dudes with crowns on it. And then came their 4th Album, “Only By the Night”; “Sex on Fire” and “Use Somebody” collectively sky-rocketed them into the arenas and airwaves. Although the new found fame was overwhelming, the KOL vowed to stay faithful to their roots. While some may find their past three albums a huge departure from their first two albums Kings of Leon’s 5th studio album, “Come Around Sundown,” is set to be released one painstakingly slow week away, on October 18th.

After having listened to it fully twice only one word comes to mind: eargasm. These guys really know how to write an album from start to finish. It ironically begins with a song called,†The End. This song has huge influences of their last album, with an ethereal, almost ghostly feel to it. With a heavy bass line and howling vocals from the ever sexy Caleb Followill, it provides a solid intro for the album.


Then it explodes into the album’s first single Radioactive, (see video below for LOLz). With a low roar of Caleb’s guitar followed by the high tweets of the lead guitarist, Matt Followill. Then arrives the low grumble of Caleb which evolves into a scream “It’s in the water! It’s where you cameee frommm!” At the last chorus, Caleb is joined by a gospel choir and it’s really quite interesting the effect it produces.

You’d think it would be hard to follow that song, but the Kings do it quite well with Pyro, the third track on the album really stands out, not only as a future single, but as an allusion to the band’s past style, while still progressing in their growth. The next few songs, Mary, The Face, and The Immortals all feel like just a warm-up to the greatness that is Back Down South. KOL has been very excited about this song, saying they ‘didn’t give a shit’ about whether or not people buy or like their album. They simply wanted to write music the way they wanted to. At this point, the album seamlessly melts together into until the very end, when it explodes with Pickup Truck.

Bassist Jared Followill was replaced by Justin Bieber that night

This song starts off the way every one of their last songs of an album starts, slow and sexy, eventually escalating into an ’emotional’ breakdown. Caleb screams, “Hate to be so emotional/I didnít mean to get physical…A little piece of a bloody tooth/just so you know I was thinkiní of you.” This love song is the perfect the culmination to an album that combines pretty much every genre of all their albums into one beautiful super love child. It’s like the super-bands on VH1, but actually good, rather than tragic and shower-inducing. Curse you Ted Nugent and Sebastian Bach!


  1. Pickup Truck
  2. Pyro
  3. Back Down South
  4. Birthday
  5. Beach Side
  6. Radioactive

It was also rumored that they would have a nice little Bonus Track if you pre-ordered it on iTunes; a cover in fact. This is it live.


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