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New & Notable: Lana Del Rey “Burning Desire”

Posted: February 20th, 2013 | Author: | Filed under: Blog | Tags: ,


I think I know what Lana Del Rey is all about now.  She had a heavy dose of hype heading into her Born to Die record (wrote about it here), had difficulty holding her own on Saturday Night Live.  Then she flooded 2012 with the aforementioned album and two EPs.  She has also been churning out some of the most consistently cinematic music videos I have ever seen from a single artist.  Truth is, every time I click to watch one of her videos I have to brace myself for melodramatic production akin to Guns N Roses’ overwrought “November Rain.”  Is Del Rey more about the music or the image?

In my opinion it is the latter.  In the video for “Burning Desire” there is very little substance to the song despite the abundance of eye candy.  The video opens in a lush, red-colored ballroom setting with the opening notes of the song drawing the viewer in.  Then Lana Del Rey, gorgeous as usual, begins to pant into the microphone standing before her on stage.  If you don’t start feeling warm all over at this point, well, give it another minute.

As Del Rey imitates a little bit of Fiona Apple’s sultry voice (but without the lyrical depth), retro scenes are imposed upon the curtain behind her.  These scenes consist of people kissing, surfers surfing, and the new Jaguar F-Type car racing around to show off its handling as if in a commercial.  Well, perhaps this is a commercial as the car pretty much shares billing with Del Rey for the entire three minutes or so.  This video proves that Del Rey continues to make a strong effort to uphold her young, sex symbol image with a heavy focus on mood.  With “Burning Desire”, along with the epic video for “Ride,” Lana Del Rey seems to be succeeding in entangling us all in her burning desire for attention.

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