Donations Drive!

Thank you for donating to WMFO and helping us keep it freeform!!

  1. Click on the “Donate Now!” button. The Tufts donation page will open in a new browser tab.
  2. Under “Designation”, select Arts, Sciences, and Engineering. Below that, select Other – please specify
  3. IMPORTANT: Under “Where would you like to direct your gift?*”, enter “WMFO” 
  4. Fill out the rest of the form and submit your donation

To pay by check, mail it to: Tufts University, 44 Professors Row, Mayer Campus Center, Medford MA 02155 (Attn: Annie Wong)
Be sure to include a note saying that it is a donation to WMFO!


Donation Amount: $1000

Receive not only the love and affection of every Tufts Freeform DJ until the end of time, but also (if you so choose) your own guest spot on a WMFO show, as well as a classy dinner date with members of the station’s charming and charismatic exec board.

Donation Amount: $100

 Record your own station ID or PSA! Hear your voice on the air!

Donation Amount: $50

A package of WMFO merch! T-shirts! stickers! button! pens! Anything else we can find!

Donation Amount: $30

Receive a WMFO T shirt designed by the winner of the t-shirt contest!

“STUDIO A” Donor
Donation Amount: $25

Receive a custom WMFO hat made with love by our board!

“STUDIO B” Donor
Donation Amount: $10

Receive a WMFO logo patch – turn any article of clothing into WMFO merch

“STUDIO C” Donor
Donation Amount: $5

Receive a sticker featuring the beautiful WMFO logo