2/17/23 New Music | Music Director Anna Zhang


Hello Freeformers,

Happy New Music Friday! Here at WMFO we’ve been sending out weekly playlists on new releases since January, and this is the first official blog post with more information on the tracks. Hope you guys enjoy, and keep WMFO freeform as always. This week was huge for so many reasons like Valentine’s day, Record Store Day!

One of the biggest album releases from this week has got to be Caroline Polachek’s Desire, I Want To Turn Into You. WMFO’s Events Coordinator/future Publicity Director Allie says:”Caroline Polachek’s new album, Desire, I Want to Turn Into You brings back her autotune-esque vocals of the past, subsisting off of grounded lyrics in contrast with floating, flighty vocals. Polachek is a lost bird, a lost body, united by desire itself. It feels impossible for me to not love the album. IT’S SEXY! IT’S SHIMMERING! IT’S WONDERFUL, GLORIOUS POP!”
MD picks: Welcome To My Island, Pretty In Possible, Fly To You, Billions.

On the same day, Lana Del Rey surprised her fans with the second single “A&W” off of her new album Did you know that there’s a tunnel under Ocean Blvd, or “dykttatuab” as fans stylized it for its unusual length. Starting as a piano ballad, the track shocks listeners with a rap verse reminiscent of the artist’s Born to Die era, but unlike her previous works as a whole. This track is great for both old and new fans of Lana Del Rey, for it transcends many different genres and styles.

On top of that, the third Valentine’s day hit was Beabadoobee’s “Glue Song,” which appeared on social media long before its release.

Notable singles from the week also include new Soccer Mommy’s feature track on Bully’s “Lose You,” Men I Trust’s “Ring of Past,” Fenne Lily’s “Dawncolored Horse,” and Dry Cleaning’s “Sombre Two. Out of the many bands that released new albums, check out Winkler, Runnner, Pigsx7, and Avey Tare. Last but not least, Manwolves and Tufts’ very own Meira’s new EPs.

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