WMFO Exec Board

General Manager

Lucy Millman

  • Email: gm@wmfo.org
  • Show: Naive Melodies
  • Favorite Album: Fear of Music by Talking Heads
  • Major: Community Health and Political Science
  • Activities: Green Dot, Melisma, Applejam
  • Fun Fact: I've driven across the country (from SoCal to Boston) twice!

Programming Director

Lauren Bial

  • Email: pd@wmfo.org
  • Show: Pisces Season
  • Favorite Album: On Avery Island by Neutral Milk Hotel
  • Major: Biology
  • Activities: WMFO, dog walking, playing music
  • Fun Fact: I was born in Alaska.

Ops Director

Charlie Ewald

  • Email: ops@wmfo.org
  • Show: zen, or the skill to catch a vibe
  • Favorite Album: Man Alive! by King Krule
  • Major: Archaeology
  • Activities: collecting records and CDs
  • Fun Fact: My show always starts with the Twin Peaks theme song because it is named after one of the episodes

Music Director

Anna Zhang

  • Email: md@wmfo.org
  • Show: Something In The Air
  • Favorite Album: Carrie & Lowell by Sufjan Stevens
  • Major: Classics and History
  • Activities: Melisma
  • Fun Fact: I transferred here from WMUA 91.1

Scheduling Coordinator

Jack Maniaci

  • Email: scheduling@wmfo.org
  • Show: Jangle Heaven
  • Favorite Album: Hounds of Love by Kate Bush
  • Major: Political Science and Philosophy
  • Activities: Applejam, Melisma, New Music Ensemble
  • Fun Fact: I've performed at Bochella

Publicity Director

Allie Landecker

  • Email: publicity@wmfo.org
  • Show: sauerkraut sauerkraut
  • Favorite Album: Another Thought by Arthur Russell
  • Major: International Literary and Visual Studies/Film and Media Studies, dual degree with the SMFA
  • Activities: photography, digital fabrication lab
  • Fun Fact: I'm permanently banned from ebay

Booking Director

Alicia Cable

  • Email: booking@wmfo.org
  • Show: Indie Trash
  • Favorite Album: Calico by Ryan Beatty
  • Major: Engineering Psychology
  • Activities: I'm on the crew team
  • Fun Fact: My initials are ABC!

Ops Assistant

Jill Yum

  • Email: ops@wmfo.org
  • Show: Beantunes Radio
  • Favorite Album: The Soft Bulletin by The Flaming Lips
  • Major: Anthropology and STS
  • Activities: WMFO, Melisma, Burlesque
  • Fun Fact: I've met Ed Sheeran and James Murphy


Arcadia Ohnemus

  • Email: webmaster@wmfo.org
  • Show: Radio Silence
  • Favorite Album: MUNA by MUNA
  • Major: Engineering Psychology
  • Activities: WMFO, Crafts Center, Eco-Art Club
  • Fun Fact: I can ride the unicycle!

Ops Assistant

Soraya Basrai

  • Email: ops@wmfo.org
  • Show: The Esphereal Britney Spheres: An Adventure Into Spheres and Post-Adolescence Glow
  • Favorite Album: Genesis by Wendy & Bonnie
  • Major: Human Factors Engineering & Computer Science
  • Activities: The Observer, Citric, Post-Adolescence Glow, Human Factors Lab, TASA
  • Fun Fact: I hate driving

Studio B Assistant

Alec Rosenthal

  • Email: studiob@wmfo.org
  • Show: The Esphereal Britney Spheres: An Adventure into Spheres
  • Favorite Album: Desire, I Want To Turn Into You by Caroline Polachek
  • Major: International Literary and Visual Studies
  • Activities: Melisma Magazine, WMFO, The Observer
  • Fun Fact: I used to run a pickling club

Training Coordinator

Gonzalo Escajadillo

  • Email: training@wmfo.org
  • Show: Is it crayon or crayon?
  • Favorite Album: Two, Moonlight by Charlie Burg
  • Major: Chemical Engineering
  • Activities: Men's Rowing
  • Fun Fact: My life goal is to yo-yo on all 7 wonders of the world

Volunteer Coordinator

Bella Juhaeri

  • Email: volunteer@wmfo.org
  • Show: The Bella Booth
  • Favorite Album: Elliott Smith by Elliott Smith
  • Major: Cognitive and Brain Science
  • Activities: TFL, theatre, hiking, and pondering!
  • Fun Fact: My first concert was super subversive and genre-bending (The Wiggles)


Mariana Janer-Agrelot

  • Email: mjaner01@tufts.edu
  • Show: Baklava Baby
  • Favorite Album: El Mal Querer by Rosalía
  • Major: International Relations and History
  • Activities: Tufts Women’s Water Polo, Melisma, and Tufts Pre Law Society!
  • Fun Fact: I met Barack Obama’s dog when I was 11

Studio B Director

Jake Rubenstein

  • Email: studiob@wmfo.org
  • Show: Global Grooves
  • Favorite Album: Doolittle by Pixies
  • Major: International Relations
  • Activities: Hemispheres, Melisma, Tufts SURGE (Sino-U.S. Relations Group)
  • Fun Fact: I lived in Shanghai, China for two years when I was younger and I am fluent in Mandarin!