WMFO Exec Board

General Manager

Ella Fasciano

  • Email: gm@wmfo.org
  • Show: What A Wonderful World!
  • Favorite Album: Paul Simon's Concert in the Park
  • Major: Civic Studies and Film & Media Studies
  • Activities: Petey Greene Project, Half the History Film Project
  • Fun Fact: My family has a band where I play the drums!

Programming Director

Andrew Fellows

  • Email: pd@wmfo.org
  • Show: Andromeda
  • Favorite Album: Hejira by Joni Mitchell
  • Major: International Relations & Middle Eastern Studies
  • Activities: WMFO, University Chaplaincy, Middle East Research Group
  • Fun Fact: I can sing backwards so when you reverse it, it sounds normal

Ops Director

Charlie Ewald

  • Email: ops@wmfo.org
  • Show: zen, or the skill to catch a vibe
  • Favorite Album: Man Alive! by King Krule
  • Major: Archaeology
  • Activities: collecting records and CDs
  • Fun Fact: My show always starts with the Twin Peaks theme song because it is named after one of the episodes

Music Director

Lucy Millman

  • Email: md@wmfo.org
  • Show: Naive Melodies
  • Favorite Album: Fear of Music by Talking Heads
  • Major: Community Health and Political Science
  • Activities: Green Dot, Applejam, Melisma, COFFEE
  • Fun Fact: I've driven across the country (from Southern California to Boston) twice

Scheduling Coordinator

Georgia Moore

  • Email: scheduling@wmfo.org
  • Show: Yip Jump Music
  • Favorite Album: Blood on the Tracks by Bob Dylan
  • Major: SMFA/International Literary and Visual Studies
  • Activities: Melisma, Tisch Library
  • Fun Fact: I turned orange as a baby from eating sweet potatoes

Training Coordinator

Lauren Bial

  • Email: training@wmfo.org
  • Show: Pisces Season
  • Favorite Album: Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can't We? by The Cranberries
  • Major: Biology
  • Activities: WMFO, dog walking, making art
  • Fun Fact: I was born in Alaska

New Media Director

Sophie Fishman

  • Email: newmedia@wmfo.org
  • Show: corner parking
  • Favorite Album: Welcome Interstate Managers by Fountains of Wayne
  • Major: History and Psychology
  • Activities: The Observer
  • Fun Fact: I like to knit

Volunteer Coordinator

Arcadia Ohnemus

  • Email: volunteer@wmfo.org
  • Show: Radio Silence
  • Favorite Album: Collapsed in Sunbeams by Arlo Parks
  • Major: Engineering Psychology
  • Activities: WMFO, Public Harmony, HCAP Art Program
  • Fun Fact: I can ride the unicycle!

Publicity Director

Luke Pailet

  • Email: publicity@wmfo.org
  • Show: trashtalk
  • Favorite Album: Veteran by JPEGMAFIA
  • Major: Human Factors Engineering
  • Activities: WMFO
  • Fun Fact: I have driven across the US 4 times

Booking Director

Alicia Coble

  • Email: booking@wmfo.org
  • Show: GORP FM
  • Favorite Album: Atlanta Millionaires Club by Faye Webster
  • Major: Human Factors Engineering
  • Activities: Crew team, Crafts Center
  • Fun Fact: I can wiggle my ears

Events Coordinator

Allie Landecker

  • Email: events@wmfo.org
  • Show: sauerkraut sauerkraut
  • Favorite Album: Looks Like Rain by Mickey Newbury
  • Major: International Literary & Visual Studies and Studio Art
  • Activities: Photography
  • Fun Fact: I was permanently banned from ebay 2 years ago

Studio B Director

Jake Rubenstein

  • Email: studiob@wmfo.org
  • Show: Global Grooves
  • Favorite Album: Doolittle by Pixies
  • Major: International Relations
  • Activities: Hemispheres, Melisma, Tufts SURGE (Sino-U.S. Relations Group)
  • Fun Fact: I I lived in Shanghai, China for two years when I was younger and I am fluent in Mandarin!