Get Involved with WMFO

The easiest way to get involved in the WMFO community is to sign up to become an on-air DJ. We train and schedule new DJs every fall and spring semester, and are always excited to have new people on board. Our schedule operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so you (and your friends!) can have your very own show in only as little as two weeks after training. If your schedule can not accommodate a weekly show, we are always looking for substitute DJs as well. To find out more about the process, come to our General Interest Meeting at the beginning of each semester and get your name on the list to access the sign-up forms.

Want to get more involved in programming and training? Send an email to Lauren Bial at with questions to learn more about about getting involved.

There’s always something happening in the Music Department! We’re constantly getting CD’s sent to the station, with the occasional vinyl record, cassette, or even candy thrown in the mix. And that’s just the surface! We’re always adding new digital media to our massive database, Rivendell.

Come help us curate our automation, which plays when a DJ is not on air, or come help us organize our collection of over 25,000 records. We’re always looking for new ideas, new initiatives, and new passion.

If you just can’t seem to peel your headphones off your ears, well, then the Music Department is right for you! The Music Department holds weekly office hours every other week on Sundays at 1pm so check out the calendar and feel free to stop in! You can also email to get more involved!

Ever wished you had more wires to play with? Well then do we have some projects for you! We have a staggering amount of insanely powerful (and insanely fun) technology at our disposal. WMFO is Ops’ personal playground for trying out new ideas using anything from audio equipment to servers. There’s always more code to be written and more efficient ways to organize our data. Oh yeah, did we mention our massive collection of lossless media? It resides in our database, which we affectionately call Rivendell. We’ve got so much data to do fun things with.

If you regularly look up from your terminal and realize its 5am, well, welcome home. Check out our calendar for the weekly Ops hours and stop on by! You can also e-mail to get more involved!

Have a creative idea for how to employ an inflatable tube person? If so, Events staff wants you! Our Events team regularly sponsors and hosts events for our DJs and the wider Tufts community. From PizzaFest to James Franco's Birthday, WMFO has and will continue to bring freeform entertainment to the Tufts community every year. In addition to our independent events, we frequently collaborate with other on-campus groups like Applejam, TUTV!, Melisma, and Midnight at Tufts.

If you have any questions, concerns, ideas for events, or just want to get involved, please contact the Events Manager at

If you want to get involved with WMFO, but don't know where to start, join us for a volunteer day! They happen about once a month, and are an opportunity for community members and student DJs to work collaboratively, help out with station projects, earn volunteer hours, and learn about the station. There are various projects going on all the time through many departments, so your involvement is always appreciated

If you would like to get involved in volunteering or learn more about the department, our Volunteer Coordinator can be reached at