WMFO Equipment Lending Policies

WMFO owns a ton of live music/live show equipment and we are often happy to lend it out! However, we unfortunately have incredibly strict guidelines and requirements for a multitude of reasons, listed below. These guidelines MUST be followed in order for us to even consider lending our equipment out.

  1. We require TWO WEEKS notice before the event. We are incredibly strict about this. If we don’t have two weeks notice, we cannot accommodate any requests. Unfortunately, there are absolutely no exceptions to this.
  2. The equipment rental waiver is required when sending the initial equipment request. This can be found here.
  3. Event must be on the Tufts Campus and organized by a student organization that receives TCU funding.
  4. A member of the e-board must be present when the equipment is being picked up, set up, taken down, and dropped back off.
  5. Student organizations are required to organize pickup/drop off. This often requires a car and multiple people to carry equipment.
  6. If you require microphones, this means you need the soundboard and large amps. If these items are necessary for your event, a WMFO member or student who is certified to run live sound/certified in Studio B must be present for the entire event.
  7. If you need a drum kit, someone has to know how to set up a drum kit. We are serious. We don’t really know how. And not in a YouTube tutorial way, in an I-actually-play-drums-way.
  8. We do not lend out equipment when we are running a show within one week of your request. Please check our instagram account to stay up-to-date as to when our live music events are happening.

Equipment we are able to lend out:

  • 1 drum kit
  • 5 microphones
  • 5 microphone stands
  • 1 soundboard with cables
  • 1 guitar amp
  • 1 bass amp
  • 2 large amps as outputs for the soundboard, along with required cables
  • Many, many extension cords/cables/random things that plug into other things. WE DO NOT HAVE QUARTER INCH CABLES. BANDS MUST BRING THEIR OWN.

REQUIRED Facilities Request to specify on JumboLife Event Registration (otherwise there is a 99% chance you will blow a fuse): “6 - 8 dedicated circuits, or as many possible”

Facilities require at least one week notice before the event to be able to accommodate electricity requests.

Ultimately, choosing to lend out equipment is entirely up to our discretion. We love live music so much and want to support student bands as best we can, but it’s impossible for us to accommodate every request even if all the terms above are satisfied. There’s no guarantee that a member of the board will be available to help out, or that our equipment is all in working condition. We’re all busy students too, and helping out with/running sound is a big ask! In the past, groups have returned our equipment broken and this has cost us thousands of dollars to replace. Quite simply, we don’t have the budget for this. WMFO now works on a “you break it, you buy it” system. We hate to say it, but it’s very likely that your clubs don’t have the budget for this either. We deal with the exact same Tufts bureaucracy that you all do, we know how difficult it can be to get funding from the school. We are happy to help as much as we can, but please do not solely rely on WMFO as the sole source of sound equipment, and have a back-up plan should we be unable to help.

If all the conditions listed above are met, please email publicity@wmfo.org AND gm@wmfo.org with the subject line “EQUIPMENT CHECKOUT” with the waiver attached as a .pdf. We will try to get back to you in a timely manner.