Staff Song Rec Spotlight: Francesca Lewis

Francesca is the New Media Coordinator!

Song: Milk
Artist: Sweet Trip
Album: You Will Never Know Why

“Milk” is a dreamy song, and the title certainly captures the mood. I recommend listening to the full album (in order!!), but I like this song in particular because it does a good job of blending indie/dream pop sounds with electronic music. Sweet Trip’s music is unique; it has a youthful, nostalgic feel yet it is also futuristic and experimental. “Milk” has a softer feel than some of Sweet Trip’s other songs. It is authentic and meditative, and it always makes me feel like I’m drifting away, just as the lyrics say.

I discovered this song back in September, and it reminds me of my dorm room — just lying in bed and eating candy at night. I have a special connection to this song because it helped me relax and let go of my problems. It was the first song I heard by Sweet Trip and it’s still one of my favorites. After finding this song, I started listening to the whole album on repeat and it was a cool, surreal experience.

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