Staff Song Rec Spotlight: Zoe McKeown

Zoe is the general manager of WMFO!

Song: Big Bad Wolf
Album: Black Widow
Artist: In This Moment

The mood of this song is definitely dark, gothy, bad b*tch energy, which is perfect for Scorpio season. This song makes me feel really powerful. If I were ever in a professional fight, Big Bad Wolf would be my walk out song. I’m just very conceptually interested in art that confronts the dark “beast” that resides in all of us; but this song does the inverse of that. It’s about confronting the weaker, more limiting aspects of ourselves that stop us from being in touch with our more animalistic nature. It’s kind of Nietzschean which I know is cringe, but I love.

I’ve been listening to this song for a while but it has definitely been on my radar a lot more given the musical themes I’ve been exploring in my show and in my free time. Autumn is also the perfect time to headbang to some gothy jams. I actually just saw In This Moment live this past weekend at the Palladium, which was a total dream come true. Seeing this song live was total insanity. The costuming and stage effects really added to the experience. Maria Brink (the lead singer) is a true PERFORMER. I adore her and really admire her as a fellow scary grrrl. Women in metal are so powerful and precious.

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