Staff Song Rec Spotlight: Lucy Millman

Lucy Millman is the Booking and Events Co-Coordinator!

Song: Radiofriendly
Band: Astrobrite
Album: Crush

This song feels like being in proximity to a jet engine while listening to a song through your headphones. For some reason, every time I listen to it, I’m convinced I’m moving in slow motion. It’s a shoegaze song from a band I believe is incredibly underrated in the shoegaze genre. The vocals have an angst-like quality while at the same time feeling very frank and earnest. I have a playlist of songs I listen to when I’m feeling a little mad, and while this doesn’t quite make that so called rage playlist (and by rage I mean when I feel lukewarm feelings of annoyance), I really just feel like I’m being very candid when I listen to it. I recommend this song because it’s great and also because if you’re like me, who is usually noted to be the least intimidating person in any given room, it’s almost cathartic to listen to someone else’s angst and bluntness.

I’ve known this song for a while. I always associate my older brother with this song because he’s the one who showed it to me. He’s shown me a lot of great music over the years and this is just part of that trend. When I was 18 (so only two years ago haha), I made what I thought was a great shoegaze and shoegaze adjacent playlist on Spotify epically titled “ya feeling shoe gazey, punk?” My brother, upon finding this playlist, made me a shoegaze playlist and sent me a text with the link to it. It was of course about a million times better than mine. Astrobrite was on it, and the rest is history. He and I have listened to a decent chunk of their music together, especially this past summer when we’d go on hikes in Oregon together. We’d put on the Crush album and drive into the woods. So if you’ve got a really cool older brother with really great music taste, I recommend doing the same.

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